As competition becomes increasingly fierce in today’s service sector economy, customer support is an important differentiator in maintaining and increasing market share. Quality FCR (first call resolution) and Omni channels are even more important to your customers. Your approach to customer support can greatly impact your ability to maintain and grow your business.

Costs, company growth, and marketing can have a direct influence on your approach to customer support. However, your first consideration should be the customer. A tailored approach that ensures your customers can conveniently connect with your business is essential. Customers want immediate, accurate, and resolute support. Technology, people, and processes play important roles in the success of your customer support service.


Technology has changed dramatically in recent years, and in ways that can actually save you money. Cloud call platforms are one of the most efficient and versatile ways you can impact your customer support service. Many of the advanced cloud platforms combine voice, SMS text, chat, email and in-app mobile into one function, and this, in turn, can increase agent utilization. The development of in-app mobile technology can help your customers get more information and provide them the ability to directly communicate with you through your website or mobile application. Cloud platforms provide you the option to have Work-At-Home agents, or add an outsource call center, and still have control of the customer experience.


While technology continues to advance, the people communicating with your customers remains one of the most important factors in creating an exceptional customer experience. Your company’s biggest challenge is not strategic planning, it’s strategic acting. Managing people throughout your organization can be difficult. If your company is a start-up, it can be even more difficult to maximize your staff. Regardless of your company’s current strategy, utilizing an outsource customer support partner can help in key ways.

  • Cost – Considering the overall cost of contact center support (facilities, HR, benefits, labor etc.), the cost of utilizing a outsource company can help reduce the financial burden of an internal customer support center.
  • Quality – Outsourced customer support companies work with many other companies and already have processes and structures in place. This can help improve your current customer support or quickly scale to your growth.
  • Success – Outsourcing your customer support service will allow you to focus on your core business, utilizing your essential resources for achieving your company goals.


Whether you currently have a customer support operation or plan to start one, consulting firms can help you with the latest technology and processes. While the initial cost for customer support consulting can seem expensive, the investment can substantially improve your bottom line. If your current customer support operation is not meeting your customers’ needs, consider a contact center consultant that has experience in technology, people management, and customer support processes.

If you think your support center needs an upgrade, consider the impact technology, training, and process development can make on improving customer experience. For more information contact Joe at