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When it comes to sales, it is simply a game of numbers. If one person says “no,” it is best to move on to the next person who may say “yes”. If you are a restaurant owner and you are wanting to increase your monthly sales then it is wise to invest in a department that can handle upselling takeout order techniques that work. A restaurant call center can increase company profits by implementing the right type of phone sales approach for your business model.

When you start to count on restaurant call centers to handle your phone and upselling service orders, the takeout order will not only be pricier (good for the owner), but your customers and employees will be more than relieved; they will be happy. 

Let your in-store employees commit to making sure your in-store customer’s food experience is complete perfection. At TSD Global, our restaurant call centers make sure all takeout orders are handled with 100% top-quality care. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Restaurant Call Centers are More Effective at Upselling Than Busy In-Store Employees:

  1. It is hard to hear busy in-store employees who sometimes miss calls because they run around from here to there. With a restaurant call center, all agents are provided with noise-canceling headphones. When customers who call-in can hear the representative on the other end of the phone, this will result in a better experience and the customer will be satisfied and may be inclined to buy more.
  2. When it comes to beating out competitors, restaurant call centers and phone sales upselling offers innovative and cutting-edge strategies; in a world full of technology, customers and restaurant owners want this type of experience. An article on states, “Upselling is the lifeblood of many business models”.
  3. Most in-store employees are trained to serve and use simple customer service skills, while restaurant call center agents are trained to upsell and increase your profits. The methods used have been able to increase company ROI. According to an article on, TSD global is successful in upselling rates, “within 30 days of working with them our upsell rate was 30% on orders taken.”
  4. Not one call will go unanswered. Think of it this way, your in-store employee is busy running around in-store and may miss calls; if you experience any missed calls, your sales revenue will be limited and upselling will be irrelevant.  
  5. In-store employees do not receive any type of incentive to upsell; usually, these employees are paid minimum wage, so why would they upsell if they don’t get credit? At TSD Global, the Fortune 500 company has found a way to award restaurant call center representatives for every upsell order they process. 
Increase restaurant takeout sales with restaurant call centers that upsell.

It is simple, if restaurant owners want to expand company revenue then owners need to recognize that since the advent of phones and the internet; communication has changed and life is much more convenient. Restaurant call centers are the answer to optimizing and increasing takeout experiences and company revenue. 

Humans need to eat to stay alive and will continue to do so. In the year 2019, people are busier and want to takeout a restaurant prepared meal; this fact will never change. 

Restaurant owners need to realize that people are tired and need to adapt to the fast-paced world that we live in.

Owners need to make ordering easier and improve the call-in customer experience, if they want to reach higher than competitors in the years to come.  

If a restaurant owner wants to have a profitable gain than it is wise to enhance business methods and veer towards quality phone assurance and upselling.

Upselling Strategies Include:

  • Restaurant call center agents announce new featured items
  • Each agent will upsell relevant suitable food items that relate to the initial purchase
  • The upsell will usually take place after the original order is placed

Solutions solve problems; a restaurant call center is meant to alleviate the toppling stress in-store employees are bombarded with and increases company ROI through upselling.

When customers want to order a dinner meal, they may just think twice when it comes to ordering that mouth savory gourmet dessert item once they speak to a professional sales agent from TSD Global

When you implement a restaurant call center into your business model, customers will call-in as they want your food product; these people will receive high-quality phone service, which will improve user experience (UX) and will lead to repetitive customers, positive word of mouth, and an upsell. It is about time you give your restaurant a chance to climb the ranks.

Perhaps you have a new food item on the menu? Some in-store employees may be too overwhelmed with too many tasks and forget to explain your new item, this could be detrimental for your takeout sales; at TSD Global, we hold high importance when it comes to food items sold.

Making takeout orders convenient and improving upselling techniques with a restaurant call center is sure to add the component you need to increase your restaurants takeout sales. 

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