The Secret Order Taking Service That Successful Restaurants Won’t Tell You About

By Nick Tubis, Chief Marketing Officer

Rising labor costs — including the push for a $15 per hour minimum wage — are squeezing restaurant operators’ margin.

Restaurant executives have basically two options to help sustain acceptable margins:

1) Increase the price of all products

2) Dramatically lower costs

I’d say most operators will choose No. 2.

In the push for increased minimum wage, Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants will be most heavily affected because their average ticket size is so small.

There’s one secret that QSRs and FCRs are tapping into to reduce labor costs and increase their average ticket size: off premise restaurant support.

TSD Global is pioneering off-premise restaurant support that can differentiate your operation from the pack. For those of you that don’t know, our model for off premise restaurant support is essentially on-demand trained teams that handle specific orders for your restaurant like catering, takeout, or drive thru.

What is Off Premise Support?

Off-premise call centers for drive thru order taking has been tried in the past. But the technology was not up to par, so it was not cost effective and didn’t serve customers well.

Today, TSD Global has pioneered a unique off premise support business model that is bringing restaurant overhead down and driving sales up. For example, when a customer places an order through the intercom on the drive thru order screen, they talk to one of our call center agents, not an employee inside the restaurant. The transaction is invisible to the customer, and the order is placed directly into that location’s POS and KDS systems.

Another use case is is when a customer is driving home from work and wants to pick up dinner, they call their favorite local restaurant and place an order. The process is very similar to off premise drive thru order taking. The call-in orders are routed to TSD Global agents and seamlessly input into the restaurant location’s POS and KDS systems.

Immediate ROI

Since we began providing these services, our clients have seen labor costs drop 30%-40% for these roles, while average ticket size and overall throughput have both has increased.

Increasing average ticket size is a no brainer. But a lot of restaurant executives have told us their staff doesn’t up-sell consistently. We train our virtual order takers to focus on up-selling and reward them for the additional up-sell revenue they bring in.

Focus on Training

We focus on quality as well. Our clients use a comprehensive dashboard of call recordings so they can rate callers on a 1-5 star system. If a virtual order taker scores under a 3-star rating, they are pulled off the account and go back to training.

During the initial phase of a partnership, we send our trainer out — at no cost to you — to spend a few days working inside our new partner’s restaurants so that they can learn the culture and what its like to be an employee at that restaurant.

Our trainer than translates those learnings into a training process that all virtual order takers working that account must go through. This creates a strong linkage between our virtual order takers and allows them to truly be an extension of their clients’ restaurants. The relationship is totally invisible to the customer.

Unique Pricing Plans

We find that cost savings is the number one reason why companies have switched to off premise restaurant support. We offer a massive ROI on our service due to our flexible pricing models. Clients can choose plans in which they pay a percentage of the transaction, per minute during transaction time, or a fixed cost per order.

To ensure the most cost-effective solution, we offer a 30-day free trial. During the free trial, our financial teams collects data to figure out which billing model will be the most cost effective for you. Every restaurant is slightly different so we want to make sure you’re connected with the most effective pricing model. No other company in the restaurant space offers this type of transparency and flexibility.

If you’re interested in lowering your restaurant’s labor costs, increasing your throughput, and increasing your sales please get in touch with me at