Take Control with Customer Service Outsourcing

You can gain more control over your customer relationships by outsourcing your customer support functions to expert partners. Sure, lots of companies offer inbound call center services. But can they truly support your brand, attract and retain customers and deliver value that makes your company better?

It may seem counterintuitive to turn over a portion of your customer relationship management to an outsourcing partner. But your company can benefit from better performance by plugging into the power of a customer service outsourcing leader like TSD Global. When you’re looking for a customer support outsourcing partner, here are some factors to consider:


With customer service outsourcing, the expertise is not limited to your industry and customer base. Instead, you get the benefits of years of experience in all kinds of industries dealing with all kinds of service issues. For instance, TSD Global has provided support for numerous Fortune 500 companies — if you’re not at that level at least your customer-facing team can be. If you are at that level, then we have the depth of experience you need.


Your outsourced customer service team should be able to interface with your CRM to deliver a fully customized, personalize interaction.

Our agents are skilled in the most common ticketing systems, CRMs, and chat systems, and have mastered many other less common or proprietary systems to build support organizations for major clients. This capability allows us to collect data on every step of your customer’s journey to deliver an experience tailored to surprise and delight them.

We recruit and build a team, immerse them in your products, and they become an extension of your brand.

Omni Channel Support

We develop a program to meet your channel-hopping customers everywhere they live, play, and work. We create a seamless experience across these channels to provide thoughtful, personalized interactions that resolve issues and build trust. Customers expect agents to have access to all their information, no matter what channel they use.

Our skill set includes:

· Voice

· Chat

· Email

· 24 x 7 Support

We can develop technology products including Visual IVR’s, AI Voice Bots, and other proprietary tools.


Keep in mind that leads are 21 times more likely to convert if they are contacted within the first 5 minutes. Real-time response rates can drive drastically more revenue through your sales pipeline.

Trained sales agents can boost market share quickly through upselling and cross selling opportunities, as well as better customer service. An outsourced partner makes your sales efforts scalable, efficient and cost effective. An outsourced partner handles perhaps the most difficult task: hiring effective sales staff. We recruit, train, and manage staff so you don’t have to.

Sales-related tasked include:

· Customer Acquisition

· Business to Business Solution Sales

· Lead Qualification

· Cross Sell/Upsell

Today’s consumers demand a more integrated and human experience, even as they prefer to use technology to interact with your company. That’s why most companies fail to exceed customer expectations – they focus on the technology instead of the people. We focus on attracting and empowering highly effective people. Talking to us about getting better results by giving up control.