restaurant call centers
Busy waitress missing calls; a restaurant call center is the answer to missed calls.

Restaurant call centers work. Often times, when you own a restaurant business your employees are bombarded with in-person orders, along with food preparation, cleaning, money math, making sure all customers inside of the store are happy, including various other responsibilities; phone orders may get missed in the midst of all of these tasks. 

Smartphones have created a world full of convenience, after all, people prefer to shop for food from the comfort of their cell phones, whether it is through calling-in or ordering with a click of a button. An article on warns restaurant CEOs, “if you’re not embracing new innovations within your restaurant, you might have already fallen behind.”

With a restaurant call center, employees who work in-store can finally and solely handle quality assurance that pertains to inside of the store, while restaurant call centers can send help and defend restaurant businesses when it comes to incoming phone orders and quality customer care.

Restaurant call center agents provide a reality unlike any other, the purpose is to give customers who call in a completely new phone and restaurant experience. A welcoming feel with a 3% up-sell goal makes sure to raise every restaurants annual ROI. 

Within 30-days, TSD Global has been able to increase company profits by 17% on 70% of the incoming orders, the company provides services to top-rated clients which include companies such as ATT, Sirus XM, and many other high profile corporations.

Restaurants are Noisy; Restaurant Call Centers Cancel Out This Factor

Have you ever called into a restaurant and it was too noisy that you could not hear the restaurant employee on the other end or one of your food items was not properly heard so you go home empty-handed without the item you ordered? This happens all too often than restaurant owners want to admit. 

At TSD Global, our restaurant call center agents wear noise-canceling headphones and make sure to give customers what they order plus more. 

What this means for restaurant businesses is that owners will miss zero incoming calls and can rest assured that all customers are satisfied, including their employees and their workload. 

Everyone will be happier all-around, considering quality phone assurance is being addressed; restaurant call centers is for owners who care about branding, all customers, orders, monetary gain, and reputation.

Think of it this way, a call missed is an order not taken; which equals a company loss. 

Restaurant call centers not only help owners feel confident that all grounds are being covered in-and-out of the store, but allows CEOs peace of mind that all calls are handled with quality and up-sell assurance. 

Needless to say, employees can finally feel a sense of relief, and takeout orders will finally represent a number one priority, leading to repetitious and quality business. 

If restaurant owners include restaurant call centers into their business model then they can expect: 

  • High-quality phone customer service 
  • Allows customers and restaurant call center agents to hear better. Make sure no orders or words ever go missed (agents utilize noise-canceling headphones to better user/customer experience)
  • Increase profitability with strategic up-selling techniques (agent’s aim for a 3% up-sell with every order)
  • Happier customers mean more business 
  • Satisfied employees equal a higher retention rate and better service
  • Improve your restaurant company sales 
  • Maximize your creditability and reputation

With TSD Global, large and middle-sized restaurant corporations can now rely on restaurant call centers to improve phone orders for long-term company growth. It is about time restaurant owners address a widespread problem—missed incoming calls/orders.

The second a customer hears a phone line going to voicemail is the minute they will seek business elsewhere. Pair your business with restaurant call centers and TSD Global; avoid missed calls.