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Delight your customers, improve your guest experience, and maximize your call-in order sales. Our friendly trained restaurant call center agents handle your phone orders in a quiet environment with 100% attention on your guests.
Our restaurant partners increased average order size between 8-18% after partnering with TSD Global.

Nearly 30 years as experts in customer experience, sales, technology, quality and dependability.

Industry Leading

+ 1 %
Order Size Increase
1 %
Successful up-sells
1 %
Restaurant Satisfaction
1 %
Customer Retention

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Learn about the key differences that make us the unique and clear choice for restaurants that want to massively increase their profits, while also delighting their customers with an amazing off-premise ordering solution.

Our ordering platform SAVES dining customers up to 40% compared to using expensive delivery apps, and GENERATES an increase of over 20% in terms of the average order size for restaurants. This creates massive margins on this additional business. Call us to increase your ROI today!

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How Restaurants Can Increase Their Sales Without Advertising

How Our Service Works

Customer Calls

When a customer calls in to place a take-out order, they will speak directly to a certified agent who's trained on your brand. No long hold times or un answered calls ever! The customer will be greeted with a friendly agents who wear noise canceling headsets- ensuring a pleasant, comfortable experience for your customer.

Trained Agent ANSWERS

All of our agents have been extensively trained our restaurant partners menu and help customers choose the perfect order. Through our “friendly” up-selling techniques that are scientifically tested, our agents can significantly increase your revenue.

To-Go / Pick-up Order placed

The customer places their order through our team of agents and our technology seamlessly integrates into our clients POS (point of sale) system to make the process simple and easy. Customers then pick up their order at the restaurant and are delighted with the experience.

How We Train our Agents

Fast, Flexible Training

We send our Head of Training to your restaurant for 7 to 14 days to learn the ins-and-outs of your business. We provide a questionnaire to help manage and track the process.

Scheduled Training Sessions

We train each call center agent on your business. Our training session go through several different scenarios to ensure our agents are prepared for any type of call.

High Communication

After we learn your business, our Head of Training returns to discuss, plan, and execute high-level strategy to increase successful orders. All agents are trained on this strategy.

Calls & Conversion Tracking

We track every call and order that comes through our system, and deliver the results directly to your representative. We stay on task, and constantly work to improve our system.


Yes. When TSD Global takes on a new partner we make it our mission to show them an ROI. Through our scientific up-selling process we have been able to maximize and optimize our clients takeout line of business.

We’ve increased our clients average order size between 8-18%

All of our agents are based within the United States, managed by our in-house staff of trainers, supervisors, and quality assurance associates.

Your call center team’s performance is monitored around the clock and every call is recorded and scored on a 5 star rating system. If a rep scores below a four star rating than they are pulled off the floor and report for more training.

Through our trained agents, we are happy to provide the following to all of our clients:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Average Order Size
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value
  • Better Guest Experience
  • Better Online Brand Reputation
  • Better Employee Experience
  • Lower Employee Attrition

TSD Global’s call center teams wear noise canceling headsets that block out background noise and allow for a quiet and pleasant phone ordering experience.

Employees don’t have to worry about answering the phone ever again, multi-tasking, and can focus 100% on your customer experience inside your restaurant.

We have increased in-house employee happiness by off-loading excess call volume during peak times.

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“TSD Global took a huge burden off of our restaurant, and in just a few short months we more than doubled our take-out orders, and had a series of repeat customers. It was great,  a definite no-brainer if your business offers any form of take-out ordering. Thank you, TSD Global!”

Our Values

Our actions are always guided by these 3 pillars of excellence:

Providing An Exceptional Guest Experience

Our goal is to simply make your customers day a little better by creating amazing brand experiences. At TSD Global our mission is reinvent takeout and give your customer such a great experience, that they become customers for life.

Maximizing Revenue Through Experimentation

We understand the key to optimum performance is never ending experimentation. Through our technology and tenured management teams we are constantly testing different up-sell and cross-sell combinations to produce the highest average check size we can to our clients. Through experimentation we our always improving our performance and making things more efficient. 


At TSD Global we believe in full transparency and being completely honest with our clients. We invite all of our clients and to come to our contact center sites and meet our agents to establish a family like culture. Our contact center reps love meeting our clients, trying the different menu items, and getting 100% onboard with our clients missions. TSD Global’s goal to become an extension of the brand we partner with and to delight our clients customers

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