By Nick Tubis, Chief Marketing Officer

More and more restaurants are turning to a restaurant call center to deliver better customer service and improved profit margins.

Here’s a familiar scenario: a customer calling their favorite sub shop during peak time waits on hold for five minutes or more. When the store associate answers the call, they may be unfriendly or stressed from multitasking as they serve customers in the store and on the phone.

The employee inside the restaurant would rather focus on providing their guests with a good experience, rather than having to handle phone orders as well.

Also, typical employees are not trained or incentivized to up-sell on the phone, leaving revenue dollars on the table with every phone order.

The restaurant call center can recapture lost up-sell opportunity, increase throughput, and deliver a better customer experience in-store and on the phone.

Look for an experienced restaurant call center partner to deliver the best value. TSD Global has 30 years of customer experience and sales outsourcing expertise, powering the sales teams of companies such as AT&T, Century Link, SiriusXM, Citibank, Bank of America and many other powerhouse players. Our contact centers have booked and retained millions of customers over the years.

Now TSD Global is pioneering off-premise restaurant call centers to help restaurants cut costs and increase sales through our proven up-selling processes.

TSD Global’s on-demand service can save restaurants 30-50% on costs while streamlining taking for drive thru’s, takeout, call-in, delivery, and catering orders.

We train our off-premise support teams as if they were full-time employees inside your restaurant and incentivize our virtual order takers by paying them financial bonuses for upselling.

Since TSD Global has launched its restaurant call center services, our clients have seen labor costs decrease 40% while their average phone order ticket size increases over 15% on average.

Our partners also rave about the seamless integration that connects TSD Global with their POS systems. The virtual order takers act as an extension of the restaurant they

represent and enter the order into the client’s POS. The order goes straight to the kitchen, streamlining the process and eliminating errors.

The program eliminates hourly salaries and from transitioning to our system in which you pay only for the virtual order taker’s transaction time.

Given the high turnover at many restaurants, employees are in a constant cycle of hiring and training. In comparison, the average tenure for a TSD Global agent is three years, so you get the benefit of a well-trained, experienced agent.

Restaurant call centers are taking over because restaurants are looking for new ways to capture as many orders as possible and boost throughput. The best way to do that is to eliminate phone hold times for catering and call-in orders. Now you can have a dedicated team of trained on-demand order takers, so every call is answered promptly and professionally.

Get started with a 30-day risk-free trial so that you can test the system and measure the potential cost savings and increase in throughput. Contact me at nick.tubis@tsdglobal.com to learn more.

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