With the massive push for online ordering from restaurants over the past few years, it has grown to about 13 percent of the takeout and delivery market. However, about 90 percent of customers still prefer to place a takeout or delivery order by phone. Virtual order taking services such as TSD Global have recently taken over the quick service and fast casual restaurant industry by storm.

The chief goal of driving customers to use online ordering is to lower costs through fewer on-premises staff. The downside to this strategy is online ordering doesn’t necessarily improve the customer or guest experience.

Basically, most people don’t trust technology enough to trust it with their take-out order.

Most customers want the peace of mind that comes with speaking with a live person to ensure their order is correct and to validate that the restaurant is working on the order.

As great as technology is today, a lot of things than can happen to an order as it wings its way from someone’s phone to the restaurant’s servers to the customer’s preferred location. To me, there me will never be a better experience than an empathetic live voice answering the phone.

Poor experiences such as a delay or confusion about the order can damage the brand’s reputation and result in negative feedback on social media. Once a customer has a bad experience they may never return to your restaurant.

Reduce Ordering Costs

Mobile-based delivery services such as UberEats and Postmates have been dominating food delivery but charge a steep price.

With the growth of delivery services, and the corresponding costs, it’s clear there’s a big need for a cost-effective solution to streamline the take-out and delivery ordering process. With virtual order taking support, restaurants and consumers can have a better and more cost effective ordering experience.

TSD Global has pioneered off premise restaurant support by building on-demand teams to handle call-in, takeout, and drive thru orders as well as scheduling reservations for restaurants.

We have been able to save restaurants 30%-50% on costs compared to hiring internally because they only pay for their virtual order taker’s talk time. This is very similar to when you get in an Uber and you only pay for the drive from point A to point B.

On top of the cost savings, one of the top benefits of off-premise restaurant is the customer interaction with a well-trained, empathetic person. Every call is answered in a quiet environment, providing an exceptional customer experience. Our agents have all

taken extensive restaurant training and receive the same training materials as if they worked directly inside the restaurants.

Boost Restaurant Throughput

Another benefit to partnering with a virtual order taking company like TSD Global is the rapid increase in throughput. If you read through large restaurants’ annual reports, you’ll see that one common goal for senior executives is an increase in throughput.

Our virtual order taking teams are set up so there is always a virtual order taker to handle a customer’s call, which eliminates hold times and puts more orders through your restaurant.

In addition to improving the guest experience and increasing throughput, another benefit that online ordering can’t perform is up-selling. All of our virtual order takers are incentivized to up-sell and increase ticket totals.

We have seen clients increase their average order size by over 15% on average while lowering their costs, which has made a tremendous positive impact on their restaurants’ profit margins.

While online ordering will continue to have a place in a restaurant’s service channels, off-premise restaurant support is still the proven strategy to lower costs and increase sales.

We are offering a 30-day risk free trial to restaurants to show them how much money they will save and how much their sales increase by switching to off-premise restaurant support. Contact me at nick.tubis@tsdglobal.com to learn more.