5 Signs You’re Ready for Customer Support Outsourcing

Outsourcing offers a competitive advantage. While your competitors may be scrambling to handle Black Friday orders provide tech support for new products, your outsourced customer support system delivers a positive experience. Well-trained agents handle customer inquiries with polite, professional interaction, up-selling where possible and increasing customer retention for the long term. Outsourcing can you capture orders quickly and accurately, turning new customers into returning customers.

Sound like a fantasy? Then your enterprise may be ready for customer support outsourcing.

Telephone Support Isn’t Enough

If your customer service channel is limited to voice calls, you’re missing out on many customer interactions. More consumers are using live chat and email for support options. It’s less intrusive and consumers can multi-task while they do it. If you’d like to expand your customer interaction channels, look for an outsourced partner with deep experience in using technology with a personal touch.

Average Sales Are Falling

The metrics vary depending on the industry, but they tell the same story. Average ticket size, average shopping cart, or average order numbers are dropping. Even loyal customers aren’t buying as much as they used to.

Start by taking care of the customers you have. There’s a 60% to 70% chance of selling to existing customers, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 20% at best. A trusted partner can boost retention and increase your market share by proactively promoting renewals, surveys, add-ons, and upgrades.

Get your market share numbers moving in the right direction with a seasoned and scalable outsourced sales team. Even a small increase in each transaction will add up to year-over-year gains that boost the bottom line.

Customer Satisfaction is Dropping

Your customers are leaving and you don’t know why. An outsourced retention service can help stem customer losses and win back business that otherwise may have been gone forever. Surveys and outreach are part of the answer to understand the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Most companies fail to exceed customer expectations. You can join the elite level that re-imagines their inbound customer experience to eliminate churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales Clogged with Unqualified Leads

In the B2B arena, only 25% of leads are qualified enough to be passed on to sales, but sales typically receive much more than that. Salespeople feel like they’re wasting their time, yet can’t afford not to make contacts.

Your outsourced partner can help ensure only the best quality leads move through the pipeline. A savvy customer support operation will qualify leads for immediate action or later follow up. A cool lead could turn into a hot prospect at any time. Your sales team will perform better with less time wasted sorting the winners from the losers.

Your Business Is Scaling

When your enterprise grows to the point where customers are interacting 24/7, a day-shift only customer service operation will leave people frustrated. Leads are 21 times more likely to convert if they are contacted within the first 5 minutes. Instant responses can drastically improve revenue without generating additional leads.

Work with a customer-support outsourcing partner that has the footprint to sustain contact around the clock. Your offshore team can integrate with email and helpdesk ticket systems, and implement upsell strategies as well.

A trusted customer service outsourcing vendor can close your customer satisfaction gap, helping add new customers and retain existing clients with responsive services.