A few years ago, there was a lot of hype around off-premise drive thru order taking. Companies such as Exit41 conducted pilot programs with some of the major fast food chains. They could execute from a technical perspective, but they couldn’t crack the code to manage the cost per order low enough to make economic sense.

With rising labor and food costs, the business case for QSRs to lower labor costs is strong. It’s time to look at off-premise drive thru ordering again. TSD Global has pioneered the technology and business model to successfully outsource the ordering function for at drive thru’s.

Through our partnerships with technology companies and restaurant executives, we have been able to streamline drive thru order taking for restaurant chains across the country. We figured out how to lower the cost per order significantly and make sure it would cost less than hiring a full time employee for each restaurant.

Off Premise Ordering Works

What makes our solution different is utilizing a combination of at home agents and in-house agents. Our in-house agents are virtual order takers, kind of like Uber drivers.

We send our contact center trainers to spend one to two weeks inside our clients’ restaurants so they can experience your unique processes and culture, and translate that knowledge into training our virtual order takers. Each virtual order taker goes through extensive training and must pass a certification test to be able to handle orders for the restaurant they represent.

We’ve seen off-premise drive thru order taking lower the labor cost by 30-50% on average while increasing their average ticket size by over 15%.

How is this possible?

We have significantly lowered the cost per order by only charging our clients for the talk time of the agents, eliminating full time salaries for an internal person taking drive thru orders.

The Power of Up-Selling

Our business model overcomes one of the shortcomings of drive thru order: upselling. In many restaurants we have noticed that internal restaurant employees build bad habits that doom up-selling, and are not incentivized to increase customers’ average order size. The TSD Global program is designed to incentivize each virtual order taker to upsell and they are paid a commission when they are successful.

Another benefit to utilizing off premise drive thru support is the increase in throughput. Several major restaurant executives we’ve worked with have said that even an increase in throughput alone would be worth switching to off premise drive thru ordering.

By utilizing on-demand order takers, there is little hold time or waiting because we have multiple order takers trained on restaurants that can handle our clients orders immediately. This model is able to boost drive thru velocity and volume, significantly increasing a QSR’s daily throughput.

Get started with a 30-day risk free trial so that you can test our system and see the benefits of off premises drive thru order taking. Contact me at nick.tubis@tsdglobal.com