improve guest experience with a restaurant call center

If you are a business owner and you have guests, which you should, considering you are a thriving and shining restaurant entrepreneur; you need to make sure that your guest experience is number one. Are you looking for secret strategies on how to surpass your restaurant competition? If this is the case, then you may want to look into the most lucrative and advanced method in the industry—a restaurant call center. 

TSD Global is a world-leading company which specializes in sales and customer service for over 30-years; the company has recently opened up a restaurant division that caters to phone orders and integrates upselling techniques for all major chain restaurants. Each call center agent caters to Fortune-500 companies that consist of TGI Fridays, Firehouse Subs, Marco’s Pizza, and the list continues to grow. 

Not only do restaurant call center agents answer phones to free up in-store employees time to improve the guest experience, but they improve ROI, and have proven to increase order sizes by 18%+ and counting; needless to say, each trained agent has a 60% successful upselling rate. 

Over the years, restaurant customer requirements have shifted and guests prefer to:

  • Order ahead of time
  • Call-in a catering order
  • Get their food delivered 

Restaurant owners need to learn how to adapt to the changing guest requirements as labor and food costs continue to rise. At TSD Global, restaurant call center agents upsell food products and never miss an order or a call; these strategies help mitigate these costs. 

Our services are meant to lower cost structure with technology and virtual off-premise order taking agents while catering to call-in orders, which include reservations. 

When restaurant owners opt to integrate a restaurant call center, expect business to grow:

  • No hold times
  • No voicemails during peak times
  • Orders are never lost 
  • Guests will receive a distraction-free representative 
  • Free up labor inside of your restaurant
  • The average order is increased by using standardized upsell scripts that yield results

When your in-store employees have more time to cater to the in-store guests with their full-on attention, they can focus on your main product and goal—the quality of the food. 

As a restaurant owner, it is about time that you compartmentalize departments—in-store employees and restaurant call center agents should be trained for different forms of customer service.

Not only does this division make restaurant responsibilities more simplified and intentional—it allows expert TSD Global phone agents to tend to guests that call-in; one-by-one. Each representative is equipped with noise-canceling headphones and sales strategies that work. 

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; have you ever been inside a restaurant and the employees weren’t paying attention to your needs? Did the food lack quality simply because the restaurant employee was too busy? Inevitably these scenarios happen without a restaurant call center—at TSD Global, your guest experience will rank higher. 

Our main objective is to provide phone order upselling along with improved guest experience and satisfaction by utilizing trained restaurant call center agents who have extensive experience in the restaurant industry. Don’t forget, when restaurant employees can’t catch every single incoming call that rings, this is a lost sale.

If you don’t want your guests to think you lack quality customer service when they call-in, then contact TSD Global for all of your restaurant call center needs. Stop handling your phone orders and start to depend on us to help you improve sales, help you keep up with rising labor and food costs, and enhance the guest experience; in turn, this will lead to ultimate company growth. 

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