How Restaurants Can Massively Benefit From Utilizing An Off Premise Call Center

Restaurant Call Center
How the restaurant call center can increase your restaurants sales and grow your business.

The restaurant call center is completely changing how restaurants handle order taking. Consumers are spending money on food, but they’re spending less of it sitting in a restaurant. While price plays a role, one of the most important reasons for the shifting trend is convenience. The restaurants that make life easier for guests through a restaurant call center are beating the downward trend.

Traditional full-service chains have been hardest hit. In fact, the top 10 restaurants in terms of sales are all quick service and fast casual concepts, according to the 2017 Nation’s Restaurant News rankings.

Today’s customers are shuttling between work, home, school, after-school activities, sports and artistic events, and entertainment. Restaurants that rely on customer service outsourcing recognize that customers are looking for convenience, quality, and portability.

A restaurant call center can cater to that on-the-go segment of your customer base via phone and digital chat interactions. Research firm Technomics reports that 73% of the overall population orders food from a restaurant at least once per week, and a whopping 90% of millennial parents do so at least once per week.

Simply put, convenience is king. With an outsourced restaurant call center, you can provide a higher level of service at a lower cost. While restaurants are pushing customers to use digital channels for online ordering, about 90 percent of customers still prefer to place a takeout or delivery order by phone.

Restaurants are investing in online ordering to lower costs through fewer on-premises staff. The downside to this strategy is that online ordering doesn’t improve either the off-premise or in-store guest experience.

TSD Global’s Off-Premise Division was launched to support drive-thru, call-in, and catering orders as well as reservation scheduling. Our solution eliminates the need for you to hire phone service employees internally and frees the on-premise employees to focus on providing a great experience to your customers inside the restaurant.

Restaurant Call Center Benefits

We’ve seen clients cut costs by 30 to 50 percent by streamlining drive-thru, catering, and call-in order taking by utilizing our off-premise restaurant support teams. Restaurant operators cut costs by reducing labor and using potentially smaller real estate footprint in designing store layouts. You’ll get the benefit of having the capability to handle orders quickly without the fixed labor costs.

In addition to lower labor costs, benefits accrue to the bottom line through higher

restaurant throughput and increased upselling. Our virtual agents are trained to upsell on every call, increasing restaurant throughput with every ticket. We typically see a 10-15% increase in revenues on orders through our restaurant call center.

Our flexible pricing models reflect the daily realities of your operation, ensuring the best ROI for your spend. We offer a 30-day free assessment so we can understand your business and develop a program that supports your growth strategy.

We cater to the convenience of your guests, making it easier for them to feed their families on the go, connecting with cutting edge technology to the ultimate guest experience.

For more of a visual on how TSD Global can help your restaurant check out this short explainer video here.