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If you own a restaurant business these days, there are plenty of reasons to look up the question, ‘how to increase my ROI?’ First, let’s start with brainstorming, you may think to yourself, ‘how can I be more efficient?’ ‘How can I make more money?’ These questions are all relevant if you are a restaurant owner, especially if you happen to have chain restaurants.

Here’s the number one rule for everyone—people love to be treated as a first priority, especially when they are paying customers. As a restaurant owner, you need to consciously be aware of this fact at all times.  

Large restaurant companies such as Hooters, Fridays, Marco’s Pizza, Firehouse Subs, and other top chains have begun to utilize a new approach with TSD Global and have increased efficiency because of this choice.

Too often many customers do not get the service they deserve for the mere fact that employees who are managing your in-store restaurant tasks may be overwhelmed with their current projects. When this event happens, your call-in or in-store customers could be ignored, which means money is missed and your customers may not be getting the quality food and service that they deserve.

After all, the customer experience is what initially brands your restaurant among the world of masses. Restaurant call centers have proven to be a successful hit and results can be seen within a matter of weeks to months. 

Stop Missing Out on Cash!

  • When your in-store employees no longer have to uphold too many tasks all at once, you can train them to concentrate on in-store customer experience and best food quality. Allow your employees to concentrate on what matters inside the restaurant. 
  • If you miss a call, you lose a sale; the logics are that simple.
  • Top communication, upselling, zero missed calls and larger ticket orders is what every restaurant call center agent focuses on.

Top 10 Reasons How to Improve Efficiency with Restaurant Call Centers

  1. Opt for an alliance—a restaurant call center. Our TSD Global call center agents never miss one single call-in/take-out order. Having to rely on your servers and in-store employees to pick up all of your phone orders has proven to be a disadvantage for many restaurant owners. In-store employees often get wrapped in the midst of the fast-paced industry while restaurant call center agents are specifically trained to concentrate on phone quality, upselling and expanding orders.
  2. For large chain stores, a restaurant call center is needed; just think about how many missed calls equals a monetary loss.
  3. With noise-canceling headphones, zero interruptions will occur. At times, servers or in-store employees may sometimes forget to provide every food order you placed; this scenario will not happen when you choose a restaurant call center as an alliance. At this point, we can work together to achieve ultimate results; after all, upselling is a major strategy that our call center agents use. Doing so, not only increases the food order size, but it also adds a higher bill to the ticket, which is what every business owner wants. 
  4. The proof is there—Call centers work better than the old fashioned route of having busy in-store employees try to answer all incoming calls. “We’ve increased our client’s average order size between 8-18%.”
  5. When we use the word, efficient, this means that you should choose these types of employees; TSD Global call center agents have an incentive to upsell. Of course, zero calls will go missed as our restaurant model is strictly built for best telecommunications and top-quality customer service. 
  6. With the minimum wage rising all around the nation (the per hour rate will move to as much as $15.00 dollars in the state of New York), owners will soon have to fork up larger checks to all employees; once a week or twice a month. As long as you take a step back and analyze your current restaurant strategies, you should be able to evenly distribute your departments in order to operate more smoothly. A restaurant call center only adds to company ROI, especially with our trained upselling tactics.  Be sure to manage your labor department accordingly. 
  7. Medium and large commercial restaurants will benefit from integrating a restaurant call center, considering people love food. Companies need to keep in mind that updating their current platform and technology systems is necessary if additional ROI is sought.
  8. Keep your restaurant employees, location, and the team completely organized by adding a restaurant call center. 
  9. At TSD Global, we hold training sessions and use scripted upselling conversations that work. When you constantly train and incentivize employees to increase order sizes, the inefficiency that your company once experienced will be headed to the other side of the spectrum—efficiency. 
  10. When you utilize a restaurant call center, you will gain an identity that associates your company with reputability and credibility. Customers will notice that you took extra care when it comes to handling customer experience; they will not only be pleased, chances are, they will buy more and may come back forever. 

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