The State of The Restaurant Industry:

Currently massive changes are happening in the restaurant industry. Off premise restaurant platforms such as Uber Eats are gaining massive popularity but are actually hurting restaurants profitability. The challenge for restaurant executives is becoming to prioritize on profitability or their customer experience. 

Restaurants are also faced with increasing labor costs with minimum wage increasing to an all time high. Another major problem that goes unnoticed by a great deal of restaurant executives is the amount of missed phone calls they receive per location.

The reason why restaurants are missing a lot of phone call is because Restaurants of spikes in call volume typically around lunch or dinner time.

This makes it extremely difficult for in house employee’s to handle both the in restaurant guests as well s the guests calling in. 

What ends up happening is that restaurant employee’s  feel overwhelmed and it translates into missed sales over the phone and unpleasant guest experiences which can greatly effect a restaurants reputation.  

Another metric that isn’t looked at enough by executives is the attempted up-sell rate. This essentially means simply up-selling on every takeout or phone order you can greatly increase your average order size. 

But really the problem isn’t that they aren’t tracking up-sells, its that restaurant employee’s typically aren’t financially incentivized to up-sell.

The lack of up-selling is a low hanging fruit metric because it is essentially free money restaurants aren’t capitalizing on. 

How TSD Global Is Trying To Solve The Problem:

In 2016 the executives at TSD Global started on a mission to find a new way to utilize our call center company. Our company has specialized in handling complex sales for some of the most powerful companies in the world that includes SiriusXM, Century Link, Citibank, and AT&T. Training hundreds of call center reps to succeed on an inbound or outbound sales campaign is not easy to say the least. 

Our executive team looked at industry after industry, read annual reports, earnings call transcripts, trying to figure out who needed a call center that didn’t realize it?

That was the questions we kept asking ourselves day in and day out. Then we finally stumbled upon the restaurant industry and realized that there were some major synergies between TSD Global and large restaurant chains.

We realized that our call center reps were master salespeople and could probably easily handle restaurants phone orders and make a huge difference by up-selling.

We ended up testing our hypothesis out with a couple of fast growing restaurants and the results were incredible.

What we found was that our clients in house employee’s loved partnering with us because it meant they never had to answer another phone call ever again. They could just focus on providing the best possible guest experience to the people inside of their location.

TSD Global significantly increased the average check size of our client that it virtually payed for our services. The reason is we have our restaurant call center teams up-sell on every order and track real time data of what up-sell yields the highest ROI for our clients.

To give you an idea of how powerful this is, recently we partnered with one of the top five largest fast casual restaurant chains in the world and during the first 30 days of working with them, we increased their average order over 17% and were successfully up-selling on 70% of every single order we took.

Our Restaurant partners throughput has increased dramatically increased and their CSAT scores have skyrocketed. TSD Global’s restaurant call center teams where noise canceling headsets which allow for a better customer experience and allow our reps to be 100% focused on the customer. 

How Our Service Works:

For fast casual restaurants, typically TSD Global sets up a phone number or multiple phone numbers to route calls to their service center and take the orders for those locations.

Typically the way the services work is that the clients customers call-in to place a takeout order and speaks directly with a certified agent to place their order. It doesn’t matter if ten people call in at one time because they train teams of agents to be prepared to handle the flow of orders at any time. All calls are answered immediately and professionally with your restaurant name and a standard greeting.

By creating these on-demand teams, orders can be received at the store in a streamlined fashion, saving money on traditional labor costs spent on staffing to handle phone calls. The on-premise customer experience also improves because the staff is not distracted by phone calls, taking attention away from customers in the store.

Customers love not waiting on hold and being able to talk with a phone agent that can hear their order clearly. Agents can up-sell and cross-sell, giving educated answers about menu items that lead to increased sales. Orders flow into your POS and KDS systems at the appropriate location. They have built out multiple integrations to streamline order taking and maximize order accuracy.

For more of a visual on how TSD Global can help your restaurant check out this short explainer video hereT

How TSD Global On-Boards A New Client:

TSD Global’s restaurant division offers a 30 day pilot test to prove out our model. Typically they recommend a pilot test only to be at 5 to 20 locations. From there they gather data and can scale up very quickly and then add an additional 50 to 100 locations at a time, then from there we can do a full scale rollout to all of your locations.

Typically they offer engagements based on three different models:
•Per minute of order time
•Flat fee per order 
•Flat fee per order and a percentage of the up-sell

To Learn More:

For more of a visual on how TSD Global can help your restaurant check out this short explainer video here.

To set up an exploratory call call and see if TSD Global is a good fit for your restaurant please contact Chief Marketing Officer Nick Tubis-