How Off-Premise Restaurant Support Can Increase Your Throughput

By Nick Tubis Chief Marketing Officer

Every time I talk with a C-level executive of a large restaurant chain, their eyes light up when I tell them TSD Global can virtually eliminate hold times for phone orders.

A well-known priority of restaurant executives is to increase their restaurants throughput. By partnering with TSD Global to build and train an on-demand off premise support team, restaurants are able to streamline their order taking for catering, call-in orders, and drive thru orders.

Our clients have found that by using our off premise restaurant support teams, throughput dramatically increases because more orders are moving through the system in a less amount of time with lower labor costs.

This means every call to place an order gets answered by a trained agent who is not working inside the restaurant. Because we train multiple agents to be able to handle a restaurants order taking process, we simply can route calls to different trained agents when call volume increases.  This is truly a seamless and on-demand process that dramatically cuts labor costs while eliminating long hold times. Another benefit to utilizing our off premise support teams in call quality.

Restaurants can tend to get very loud and lead to a noisy as well as unpleasant customer experience. By streamlining order taking, your employees in your restaurant can focus on providing the best experience they can to your guests in your restaurants while focus on providing a great customer experience over the phone. We also utilize proprietary technology that cuts out any background noise and ensure a much quieter and better customer experience.

Streamlining Orders

Essentially, if a restaurant company has multiple locations and a customer wants to place a call in order, they speak directly with one of our trained and certified agents to place their order. The call doesn’t go to the restaurant.

It doesn’t matter if 10 people call in at one time because we train teams of agents to be prepared to handle the flow of orders at any time. All calls are answered immediately and professionally. By creating these on-demand teams, orders can be received at the store in a streamlined fashion, saving money on traditional labor costs that might be spent to staff for phone calls. We only bill our clients for talk time when our agents are on the phone, so when no one is calling in you don’t have to pay us anything. By implementing this on-demand payment model TSD Global has been able to help dramatically cut labor costs from allowing restaurants to eliminate paying full-time salaries, health insurance, real estate costs, employee benefits.

The on-premise customer experience also improves dramatically because the staff is not distracted by phone calls, taking attention away from on-premise customers. By streamlining the drive-thru order taking process, we can fulfill orders faster and reduce wait times, making customers happier and boosting throughput as well.

Training Your Way

For fast casual restaurants we typically set up a phone number or multiple phone numbers to route calls to our off premise support centers and take the orders for those locations.

Our agents go through the same training as if they were full-time employees in your restaurant. Our trainers typically spend one to two weeks observing and participating in your restaurants so that they can emulate the culture as well as the processes specific to your restaurant.

Thorough training helps your off-premise restaurant call service center team seamlessly handle orders as if they were working directly in your restaurant, but they actually could be working from home or from our contact centers.

Up-Selling Works

Our company has a tremendous experience in up-selling and cross-selling for major Fortune 500 companies.

Based on our experience with other industries, we have integrated our unique and proprietary up-selling techniques into the QSR and FCR space. Up-selling is a vital strategy to boost average ticket size in these market segments.

TSD Global has been able to increase our clients average ticket size by 15% to 20% on average, which translates into a massive benefit for a restaurant’s sales and throughput.

Our experience shows that QSRs and FCRs can save 30% to 50% on costs compared to hiring a full time person inside their restaurant, while improving the guest experience as well.

Contact me at to learn more and discuss a free trial for your restaurants so that you can see the benefits of increased restaurant throughput for yourself.

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