What The Future of The Restaurant Industry Looks Like

By Nick Tubis, Chief Marketing Officer

Looking for growth in the restaurant business? It’s happening right outside your doors.

The off premise restaurant support revolution is taking over the industry, changing the way customers engage with your business.

Morgan Stanley reports that the off-premise segment represents 40 percent of the $500 billion in U.S. restaurant revenues, or about $210 billion. That number will grow as off-premise ordering continues to boom, driven by digital ordering and third-party delivery services.

Off premise restaurant support can engage in any channel the customer desires that can streamline catering, take out, drive thru, and call-in orders. This process is completely channel agnostic which can include and handling support via phone or online. Orders go directly to your POS and KDS, eliminating re-entry errors. We’ve built integrations with most major systems so it’s a seamless process.

For customers, the experience is better because calls go to a quiet environment without restaurant background noise. Your team can focus on dine-in guests for a serene on-premise experience. We deliver your brand across all off-premise interactions to maintain your relationships. Our trained agents handle complex catering orders, rather than relying on whoever answers the phone to write up a larger order.

But it’s hard to scale up to meet the increased order taking demand. There are basically three options:

In House

Some of the largest chains have the resources to invest and manage a system on their own. But most don’t have the time and capital to develop an entire new infrastructure inhouse.

Delivery Partner

Delivery marketplaces offer some level of services, but create a disconnect with your brand. With a lack of personnel training and quality, as well as the pricing model, these services can create as many problems as they solve.

Off Premise Partner

Build a direct relationship with a full-service off premise restaurant support provider. At TSD Global we can deliver an amazing customer experience to your guests. We treat off-premise customers with the same high-touch service that they would expect with a dine-in experience.

Our certified agents are trained and incentivized for upselling with each call. We capture customer data with each call to power your marketing efforts. One of our goals is to increase the throughput for each location that we serve.

With TDS Global as your restaurant call center partner, you keep your customers, orders and margins. Our pricing models are designed to be cost-effective for your level of usage.

Get started with a 30-day risk free trial so that you can test our system and see the benefits of off-premises restaurant support. Here is a great explainer video on how we streamline orders for some of the largest restaurant chains in the country.  Contact me at nick.tubis@tsdglobal.com to learn more.