The Pain Points Caused By Off Premise Calls

By Nick Tubis, Chief Marketing Officer

The boom of third-party delivery services makes it clear that consumer demand for off-premise dining is strong, and every major restaurant chain is tapping into that trend.

After all, 90 percent of Americans order takeout at least once a month, and Millennials and Gen Xer’s spent 56 percent of their restaurant dollars on takeout and delivery.

It’s clear that restaurants must step up their off-premise restaurant support game. Viewing it as a minor segment of the business simply isn’t an option any more. Restaurant Call Centers are paving the way for increased average order sizes as well as massive throughput increases.

Off Premise Challenges

But doing off-premise dining well isn’t easy. Handling phone-in and digital orders presents some major paint points.

Off-premise customers can encounter long hold times and noisy backgrounds that make it difficult to get orders right.

The restaurant staff has to manage ringing phones and handle carry-out orders while also giving on-premise patrons the service they deserve.

For the restaurant, ad-hoc order taking systems don’t capture valuable customer data, and the added costs and hassle lead to low margins on off-premise orders.

Off-Premise Ordering Solutions

With off-premise restaurant support you can have orders taken via any channel: voice, online and mobile. The service is invisible to your customers, as the calls are answered with the restaurant’s brand. A great visual of how we streamline catering, call-in, and drive thru orders can be seen in this video.

Orders are integrated into your POS and KDS, and TSD Global has experience in building integrations with all major systems.

You can monitor orders in real-time to assure customer satisfaction, and focus on delivering a world-class customer experience. We use a five-star rating system for our agents to ensure our service meets your standards.

Data from each order is captured and owned by the restaurant, which supports your brand, and enables marketing initiatives to build brand loyalty.

TSD Global’s training strategy includes sending our trainers to your locations to become immersed in your brand and culture. Those trainers then train our support center agents in your procedures to deliver a seamless positive guest experience.

Our agents are trained and incentivized to up-sell on each transaction, increasing our clients average ticket size by 15 percent.

Get started with a 30-day risk free trial so that you can test our system and see the benefits of off-premises restaurant support. Contact me at to learn more.