If you are evaluating an outsourced contact center partner, or already utilizing one, here are 5 things you should consider.

  1. U.S. and offshore capabilities. Even if you are not currently considering offshore as an option, your plans can change in an instant. You may need to consider cost reductions, additional outsourced work like back office, chat or email support. While many US companies prefer to have English voice work done in the U.S., many offshore locations have become even more advanced in English language support. It’s always good to have options and much easier to transition work offshore with your current provider than trying to find a new one. If you do all your work offshore, you might consider utilizing a U.S. based company with multiple locations in North America and abroad.
  2. Technology. Make sure your outsource partner has the latest in omnichannel technology. This includes having cloud-based platforms that have SMS text messaging, and in-app mobile capabilities as well as voice, chat, and email support. Their systems should be able to integrate with your CRM and provide you with online access to reporting, monitoring, and recorded calls.
  3. Redundancy and multiple locations. Your outsource partner should be able to provide you with redundant locations to reduce or eliminate downtime. Find a partner that has several locations geographically separated in case of natural disasters.
  4. Training. Probably one of the most important characteristics of a good outsource partner is their approach to training. Look for a company that has an extensive training department with a good ratio of trainers to employees. I would suggest a minimum ration of 1:30 trainers to agents, this will depend on your training needs. Also, request sample training outlines and ask about the agent selection process.
  5. Culture. Company culture, and how employees are managed, is another critical criteria when evaluating an outsourcer. Find out how the company views their employees. Do they track and have regular focus group sessions, company surveys, or a feedback communications process directly to and from corporate executives? Ask about extraordinary benefits, such as company-sponsored events.

Finding the right outsourced contact center can take time, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you know the right things to look for. If you have any questions or need assistance with your current customer support operations, contact me at joe.meehan@tsdglobal.com.

Joe Meehan

Joe has over 20 years of experience in onshore and offshore multi-channel customer support and outsourced BPO services. He has been responsible for managing and growing customer support services for some of the largest well-known companies in the world.