Why Restaurants Are Partnering With Call Centers

By Nick Tubis

Chief Marketing Officer

Restaurants have been challenged with increasing labor costs and have been searching for solutions to lower their costs while improving their guest experience and increase their profit margins. The leader in the restaurant call center space is TSD Global. TSD Global builds on-demand teams that specialize in handling catering, call-in, and to go orders.

TSD Global’s restaurant partners have seen an increase in their average order size, increase in throughput, lower labor costs, as well as a much improved guest experience. In house restaurant employees love working with TSD Global because they can focus on the guests inside of their restaurant and never have to worry about picking up the phone. Another benefit that partners tell TSD Global constantly is the massive reduction in hold times. The way we do this is by having multiple order takers trained to take calls, so I multiple customers call in at the same time, we just route both those calls to the next available rep.

Technology has advanced to the point that it’s transparent to customers – there’s no lag time on the phone or drive thru mic, and customer care experts have full access to the menu to answer questions, and place orders directly into the POS.

Our technology allows integrations into our clients POS systems which make the phone ordering process seamless.

Below are the main benefits of partnering with an off premise restaurant call center.

Increased Throughput

Having several trained order takers that can handle incoming calls typically increases the throughput at our clients restaurants. TSD Global makes it so they can seamlessly can scale based on restaurants peak times.

A certified restaurant agent can handle a complex catering order while other agents handle the daily transactions with no delays.

Orders can be taken faster in a quiet work environment, and entered directly into the restaurants POS instead of taking an order on a paper ticket and punching it in also.

Increase Order Size

Our clients virtually always see an increase their average order size by at least 10 to 15 percent. This is caused by our unique up-selling techniques. Our virtual order takers are trained just like your in-house employees and understand the opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell, and are trained as well as incentivized to up-sell on every order.

As much as people are focused on mobile ordering, call-in orders still outweigh mobile ordering 4 to 1 on average and allow an opportunity to up-sell.

Improve Guest Experience

Eliminating long hold times as well as taking calls in a quiet setting has dramatically improved our partners guest experience and CSAT scores. Our reps are friendly and completely focused on executing perfect phone orders.

Save Money

With rising labor costs and wage inflation restaurants, have been searching for ways to bring costs down. We’ve seen clients cut costs by 30 to 50 percent by streamlining drive thru, catering, and call in order taking by utilizing our restaurant call center support teams. Restaurant operators cut costs by reducing labor and potentially smaller real estate footprint in designing store layouts. You’ll get the benefit of having a larger staff to handle orders quickly without the labor costs.

For more of a visual on how our restaurant call centers  can help your restaurant watch this video!

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