Why Choose Us

  • TSD Global has been a leader in sales and customer service outsourcing for over 30 years. We have helped some of the largest Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, SiriusXM, Century Link, Citibank and many other notable brands acquire and retain millions of customers.

  • TSD Global’s senior management is deeply involved on every campaign to make sure we achieve beyond the clients expectations and goals

  • TSD Global’s training program is renowned in the sales and customer service outsourcing space because it involves role playing, tests, product knowledge training, vocal training, as well as a several week nesting period training with our top agents

  • TSD Global has won awards from several Fortune 500 firms and has been the go to outsourcing firm in industries such as banking, restaurants, retail, financial services, insurance, energy, and entertainment.

  • Our current partners have told us that they love how we have the ability to start and scale campaigns extremely fast.

  • TSD Global isn’t just a outsourcing company, we have partnered with the most cutting edge technology firms in the US to create products that help clients see the largest ROI on our services. Some of our technology products include Visual IVR’s, AI Voice Bots, and other propriatery tools.

  • TSD Global has pioneered a unique business model that consists of both dedicated and on-demand agents that has produced costs savings to our clients between 30-50% compared to hiring internally

  • We have a large infrastructure of over 1,800 agents worldwide with contact center sites in the United States, Philippines, South Africa, and Latin America

  • Check out our case studies page to see some of the results we have driven for our clients