Our Services

TSD Global provides exceptional multi-channel customer support solutions, offering a seamless experience for your current and future customers.

Multi Channel Customer Support

TSD Global has over 25 years of customer support experience. While you know your business, we know how to interact effectively with your customers. We provide cost effective, scalable support services that allow you to focus on your growing business.

Customer Care

Your customer experience is the most critical priority.

We share our experience and keep your company moving forward. We have the technology and people to help you grow your customer base by assisting your current customers and future customers.

  • Voice

  • Chat

  • Email

  • 24 x 7 Support

Technical Support

Helping your customers understand and use your products is our priority.

We recruit and build a team, immerse them in your products, and they become an extension of your mission.  

  • Multi-Level Troubleshooting

  • Omni-Channel

  • Knowledge Base Platforms

  • CRM Ticketing

Retention Service

Losing a customer is never in the plan, but it can happen without a plan.

Our retention service can help save your customers or help win them back.  Our team of retention specialists has helped many Fortune 500 companies succeed. It can help yours as well with proven retention services and 24/7 support.

  • Cancel Saves

  • Win-back

  • Customer Surveys

  • Outreach


TSD Global provides business sales support for some of the best known companies in the world.

Quickly increase your market share utilizing our trained sales agents.  Scalable, efficient and cost effective.  Hiring effective sales staff can be challenging for most companies. Recruiting, training, and managing staff requires much of your company’s resources. TSD Global helps many large and small companies boost their sales with a seasoned and scalable sales team. Let us help you exceed your sales goals with a results driven team. 

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Business to Business Solution Sales

  • Lead Qualification

  • Cross Sell/Upsell

Back Office

Efficient back office support is a crucial part of your business.

TSD helps companies keep their businesses running efficiently with reliable and cost effective back office support services.

  • Order Processing / Fraud Detection

  • Applicant Verification

  • Content Creation

  • Research


We’ll streamline and optimize your customer contact.

TSD Global helps companies become more competitive through improved customer interactions. We have almost 30 years of experience building and maintaining customer contact projects for Fortune 500 companies. From site selection to operational execution, we have the people, processes, and technology experience to help your company become more competitive. We can help you start-up your customer support functions with advice and guidance on technology, staffing, process development and site location.If you have an operation that is lagging, we can help improve your processes.

  • Operational Analysis

  • Process Development / Improvement

  • Start-Up Customer Support Operations

  • Site Search / Selection

Ready to Learn More About Improving Your Customer Interaction?

We’re all the help you’ll need in growing your business. Just say the word and we’ll architect a custom solution of live agent teams with cutting edge technology.